Need a beautiful website that doesn’t break the bank?     Let us build you one in a week.

You  are a small business

You need a website, but you have limited funds & resources to make it happen. But you care about your business, and refuse to settle for a low-budget website simply because you cannot afford a beautiful, professional, responsive site. You just need something simple that looks professional, can be managed by you (or your team), and helps you sell your services.

We  are expert WordPress developers

We’ve spent years building websites for businesses large & small. Everything from simple one-pagers to robust e-commerce shopping carts. And now, we have streamlined our process to offer you the best of both worlds. You get experts that would cost you $125/hr. elsewhere. You get a website that others are quoting you $5,000+ for. And you get it all in one week.


— What you get —

  • Great service. Great people. Great price.
    First and foremost, you get us. We’ll be working with you from the first consultation all the way to the launch of your website. We’re available by phone, email and for our local clients, we’re even available to meet face-to-face to get your website up and running in (1) week. No dealing with miserable support people locked in a data center in the middle of a corn field. We love life. We love working with small businesses like yours. And we’ve streamlined our process to be able to offer you a beautiful, professional website for a fraction of the cost.
  • Website in a week
    Your website will launch from start to finish in (1) week. The start of the project occurs right after a launch date is finalized, the website agreement is signed, and payment is received.
  • Premium WordPress theme
    We’ve researched and hand-selected only the best WordPress themes. Not only are they sleek looking; they’re mobile ready, too.
  • Brand customization
    When you choose a premium WordPress theme, we’ll customize it by including your company logo, up to (2) different accent colors, and up to (10) static pages to include your own content & images.
  • Web hosting *
    Hosting includes daily monitoring of your site, automated daily backups stored securely in the cloud, use of a content delivery network (CDN) for increased page load speeds, continual security checks, and WordPress updates (we’ll keep your plugins up-to-date, too).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    On-page optimization, title & description meta tags, a sitemap, etc. We’ll tell Google there’s a new guy in town, so they’ll be ready for ya.
  • Google Analytics
    We setup Google Analytics so you can keep an eye on your visitors: where they live, how they got there, what pages they viewed, how long they stuck around, etc.
  • WordPress Training
    We will show you how to update your site on your own. We provide a customized video tutorial specific to your site. Of course, you can always just ask us a question if you forget where something is.


* Web hosting is a recurring yearly fee.


— What you don’t get —

  • Theme customization *
    This package includes a non-custom website for a small business that needs a beautiful, high-functioning site in a short amount of time. Even though a change may seem small, most changes to a theme’s layout or functionality are time consuming. This is how we’re able to offer you a professional site at such a low cost in only a week.
  • Unlimited time
    When we say 1 week, we mean it. As a client, you must have your logo, content & images ready before we start. In order to meet the launch deadline, we need your full participation.


— Add ons —

  • Domain registration
    Don’t have a domain name yet? Need help setting it up? We’ve got you covered.
  • Email setup
    Need custom email addresses to go along with your new website? No problem. Pricing starts at $149. Price varies based on # of email accounts.
  • On-site training
    For our local clients, we offer additional on-site training at $95/hr. Learn how to make edits & update everything on your own.


6 easy steps to launching your website in a week

Step 1: Make it official

Once you fill out the form, we'll contact you by phone to go over all the details. We'll send you an agreement to sign, along with an invoice (you can pay online with a credit card).

Now we're ready to get this party started.

Step 2: Theme, images & content

Most of your responsibility lies in this step.

You'll choose a theme from our hand-picked list of professional, high-quality WordPress themes. Then you'll provide us with a list of your website's pages, and the content & images to go along with them. You need to have this ready before we start building.

Step 3: Start the coffee

Brew a pot at home or take a trip to Starbucks. You just relax. This is where we go to work.

We handle all the technical stuff: hosting, WordPress configuration, setup the theme, customize colors & logo to match your brand, input content & images, SEO and Google Analytics.

Step 4: Review & approve

Put your tray tables up and your seats in their upright & locked positions. It's almost go-time.

We'll do all the testing on the technical side, but it's your responsibility to make sure the website says what you want it to say. We'll make any final content changes to acquire your approval, and then...

Step 5: Shizzam! Your site is live.

We have liftoff. It's time to launch your brand new site. We'll make your site accessible to the world, and tell Google that you're kind of a big deal.

Give yourself a pat on the back for successfully launching a website in 5 days.

Step 6: The power is yours

Our work is complete, but yours is only beginning. As your business grows & evolves, your website needs to keep up.

After launch, we'll send you a training video on how to update your new site.

Now... go sell something.