Pioneers. We’re web designers of a different kind.

We’re not in this to get rich, and we’re not willing to die trying (sorry 50 cent). We started Escape Creative to help people spread valuable ideas online. And, in our opinion, the competition was not doing a great job. We observed poor design, confusing navigation, very little cross-browser compatibility, lazy code, spelling errors — you get the idea. Enough was enough. We enjoy our work. We have fun. We laugh. We watch Hoops & YoYo’s rendition of Sarcastic Wednesday… every Wednesday. We might discuss SEO strategy at intramural dodgeball. Other times, we leave that stuff in the office. It’s less about rules, and more about respect. Our respect for our partners, and for one another, allows us to produce exceptional work, and have fun along the way.

Spreading valuable ideas by creating a remarkable online experience.


We carry out our mission by following certain values & guiding principles. Our core values create a central focus, and they keep everyone moving in the same direction. These 5 values are present in every decision we make, every client we partner with and every project we work on. Each employee understands and embodies these values in their work and their life. Our style of work is not to be confused with that of tie-dye, mullets, or the entire decade of the 70s (sorry mom & dad). These 4 principles describe the course of action we take in order to achieve our mission.

— Values —

  • Vision
    Our vision starts with our dreams. Our dreams become goals. And by achieving these goals, we are choosing to live out the future that we have helped to create.
  • Awareness
    We know who we are. And we know who we are not. Now that we understand ourselves, we’re ready to begin understanding you — and your passion.
  • Creativity
    New possibilities don’t happen. They are created.
  • Responsibility
    We are fortunate enough to have choices, and competent enough to make decisions. Therefore, we choose wisely.
  • Persistence
    Challenges are always welcome, although they don’t stand a chance. We never settle for mediocrity.

— Principles —

  • Innovation meets simplicity
    To create the best online experience is to find balance: balance between the necessary and unnecessary. Too much creates clutter — too much information, too many images, too much movement. Not enough creates a void — not enough space, not enough interaction. We agree, it’s a hard balance to find, and even harder to maintain, but we couldn’t think of a challenge more worthy.
  • Push the limit
    Did you ever fail a college assignment for being too creative? Ignore the rules to create an end result that achieved the objective, and solved 2 other problems at the same time? We encourage that behavior.
  • Surrounded by greatness
    We hire great people. We partner with great people. We exude greatness in everything we do. It is truly our belief that any other level of work is unacceptable — and quite frankly, a waste of time. There are too many great things to be enjoyed in this world for either of us to be wasting our time with mediocre.
  • Long-term partnerships
    At ESC, it’s a long-term partnership, and we’re both making a commitment. We learn about your business. You learn a little about ours. And as you grow, we get better at helping you grow. We feed off each others’ success.

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.

Robert Fritz