Web Analytics

Website analytics… data that is actually fun

Web Analytics Company - Richmond, VASome decisions are made based on a hunch. But let’s be honest — most require some kind of background research, or data. And many times, the decision only comes about because someone looked at the data and made some conclusions.

We’ll install the code required to begin receiving web analytics & website traffic reports. We’ll even throw in a custom report, on the house.

Web analytics + Escape Creative

Attract the right people & increase online conversions… Google Analytics provides an incredible amount of information about your website. We don’t build a site without installing it. But the real benefit occurs when we begin analyzing the data, formulating conclusions and providing suggestions for improvement. Using web analytics, we can tell you:

  • where your visitors live (down to the very city)
  • how they found your site (Google search, Facebook post, someone’s LinkedIn profile, etc.)
  • which pages they’re viewing
  • which keywords they typed into Google
  • they’re favorite ice cream flavor (you’d be surprised with strawberry)
  • how long they stick around

Maybe the coolest part about all this data (we’re web geeks, so yes, data is “cool”) — we’ll email your web analytics reports to you in PDF format on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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