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We do improvements, not maintenance

Website Maintenance & Improvements Richmond VAWe don’t believe in maintenance. At Escape, we do improvement. You shouldn’t pay someone to keep you in exactly the same spot. Maintenance breeds mediocrity, and mediocre is unacceptable.

We use a combination of all services (consultinganalyticsdesignseo) to ensure your online presence continues to improve. We monitor search engine traffic, modify keywords & site content, help you develop quality blog posts, present you with monthly reports — basically, we make you famous. One month at a time. And we use every online resource at our disposal to do it.

Start small

Budget is tight. Money is being spent on other company initiatives. We know how that goes. So start small with some basic, monthly improvements:

  • Update website content & imagery with new promo offers
  • Add a page or two each month, as the need arises
  • Receive 5-10 custom traffic reports each month, with info on your website’s performance & visitors
  • We’ll use the same traffic reports to provide keyword & content suggestions to you, in order to improve your search engine results. And, of course, we’ll make those changes once you’ve given us the thumbs up.

We don’t let a day go by without monitoring your site.

Looking to shake things up a bit

You’ve got a marketing budget in place, and you’re ready to invest in your future. We’ll take care of all the essentials above, in addition to managing your online marketing campaign(s), which might include:

  • Develop, design, implement & track email marketing campaigns
  • Suggest, create & implement new ways to build your community and develop relationships with your customers through the use of social media
  • Design marketing campaigns to drive traffic, increase conversions & generate leads

And from time to time we might get an idea that we think could significantly propel your company forward. Even if it’s outside the scope of what we offer, we’ll still run it by you. We’ll even help you find the best people to make it happen.


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