SEO = Content + Keywords + Popularity + URL + <title>

SEO Richmond VASearch engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of keyword-rich content, site popularity and reputation, relevant URLs, clean, semantic coding, varying <title> tags and a lot of research & data analysis, among many other things. We won’t bore you with all the details. Just understand that it’s an involved process — a process that is both an art and a science.

Let’s take a look

A local Richmond, Virginia example… We start by evaluating your business. What you sell and who you target. If you sell baked goods from your store in Richmond, Virginia, you want good search engine results & rankings for people looking for bagels & pastries in that area. People in California don’t matter. Your local SEO ranking does.

Then we make suggestions on what to do next. We might prescribe an internet marketing campaign targeting local businesses searching for “breakfast bagels”. Or perhaps some content changes ensure you mention “Richmond, Virginia” in your website copy. How about we add a page to your website about business breakfast catering services?

At the very least, we install all the tools to gather as much data as possible about your search engine traffic & organic SEO rankings. Sometimes, however, there is so much work that needs done…

Help! My website is invisible.

Often times this will lead to a brand new website. If your existing site was built back in the stone age (in the online world, that’s a mere 3 years ago), or by your cousin’s daughter’s neighbor’s friend Billy, and hasn’t been touched since, it probably needs a complete overhaul. No sweat. You can read about our web design & development process. We’ll make sure Billy never touches your site again.


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