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Opportunities don’t happen. They are created.

Business Consulting Richmond VALet’s say you’re a new lawyer in town and you don’t have enough people visiting your website. Some SEO is in order, and perhaps a new marketing campaign. You might also want to join a social network, and just start talking. Little bits (say, 140 characters or less?) of useful information can go a long way in building a relationship. And getting people to engage with you is a crucial step to building something special.


We’ve worked with over 50 businesses, here in Richmond, and beyond. Almost every time we sit down with a new company, and ask them a few questions, they start re-thinking how they sell their products & services.

You know your business better than we do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well you know your business if your customers aren’t buying it. That’s where we come in.

Lucky for you, we’re quick learners. We’ll get to know your business from your audience’s perspective. And then… we’ll sell it to them. An engaged audience leads to more customers, which of course means more sales. And because what you’re selling is so freaking awesome, we all get to help make the world a better place.

Email marketing

Even with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., you still receive many notifications from these popular sites via email. For many online retailers, email is still the preferred way to generate sales. Why? Raise your hand if you have more than one email address. Now raise it if you check email more than once a day. On your mobile phone? While at work? At home? Walking the dog? You ran out of hands, didn’t you?

We’ll devise an appropriate email marketing strategy for you. We’ll write the content, design & send the emails, and acquire new subscribers. You’ve already got all the right stuff. We’re just going to show it off to a few more people.

Social media strategy

Facebook, Twitter, your company blog, product reviews on your website. All of these things are connected. They give your customers a voice. And when people have an easy way to speak out, they usually take advantage of it.

We’ve all been introduced to someone through a mutual friend and heard, “Oh, I’ve heard so much about you.” And we always want to know what it was they heard. Let’s make sure, for your company’s sake, that it’s all positive.


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