Hi there. How can we help you?

Web design is our bread’n’butter – both brand new sites & redesigns. Because there are many things that make a website worth visiting, we take care of all that too.

– We Always –

  • Build websites accessible to all.
    This includes search engines, mobile phones, old browsers, the vision impaired, slow internet connections, grandmas, in-laws and outlaws.
  • Get you involved.
    We’ll never understand your business as well as you do. And we’ll never pretend. Your participation is essential.
  • Spell check. Code check. Browser check. Print check.
    We check everything. No project is complete without at least two pairs of eyes.
  • Handle all the technical stuff.
    Domain & hosting setup. Search engine submission. Email account setup. Web analytics, tracking & reports. It’s all on us. You’ve got much more important decisions to spend your time on.

– We Never –

  • Charge extra.
    For small website changes & updates that only take a few minutes. And you’ll never receive an unexpected charge.
  • Do maintenance.
    We do improvements. Please don’t pay someone to keep you in exactly the same spot. It’s just not worth it.
  • Tell you how to run your business.
    This is, and always should be, your responsibility.
  • Build entire websites using flash.
    Flash has it’s place in the world, in small doses, for specific reasons. An entire website… not one of those reasons.
  • Reinvent the wheel.
    But we will spin it in a new direction.


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